July 2014

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  • Stop Using my Children to Scare Parents out of Vaccinating


    It was never my intention in life to become a vaccine advocate. I have to do enough just advocating for my kids, as two of three are on varying degrees of the autism spectrum. Multiple times a year we have to draw up new treatment plans, new IEPs, start calling people out when things are […]

  • A Nurse Practitioner’s Journey Leaving the Anti-Vaccination Movement


    As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I have given thousands of vaccines to children. But most people don’t know something very important about me. I have a history with vaccinations that I have kept quiet for a long time. I was anti-vaccinations I am the first born of four children to wonderful parents. My mom and […]

  • Learning to Advocate


    I get a lot of emails every day, but my favorite emails come from other parents who are reaching out to me as a peer looking for insight into the anti-vaccine movement. Some want advice on how to counter a particularly annoying anti-vaccine blog. Others have family members who will not vaccinate their children. Still […]