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National Immunization Awareness Month is the month of August, giving organizations and coalitions the opportunity to work together to grab the public attention on immunizations. This page serves as a convenient guide to posting on social media throughout the month.

Below you will find a series of post templates, organized by week, along with other tips for social media engagement. CDC’s NIAM materials can also be found here.

Directions for graphics:

To get access to each asset, click on the links for the size you would like. The link will ask you if you would like to make a copy. Yes. Yes, you would like to make your own copy so that you can customize the colors, photos, and logos to match your brand.

Once you have customized your asset, find your options for downloading it under Google’s FILE tab. Download your asset as either a PNG or JPEG.

You can also find these directions in visual form by clicking the button below.

Week 1: Introduction to NIAM

Thursday, August 1st

Announce NIAM with this post template, and celebrate how long its been since you saw a certain disease.

(If this isn’t feasible, just celebrate how long we’ve had a vaccine to protect against that disease.)

“Years of Prevention” Assets

Caption: It’s National Immunization Awareness Month! We’re sharing all about the power of vaccines to keep us safe from diseases, like [X].


Friday, August 2nd

Post this graphic highlighting how kids around the world get healthier each year, due in part to vaccines.

“Year after Year” Assets

Caption: Don’t let anyone tell you differently: our kids have gotten so much healthier thanks to modern medicine and vaccines in particular.


Saturday, August 3rd

We have curated some links for you! Share one story by choosing one of the captions below!

Caption 1: “Living with an easily preventable cancer is not something I would wish for anyone” – Zoe, Cervical Cancer Survivor.

Here’s why she recommends the HPV vaccine: #NIAM #NIAM2024

Caption 2: “If there had been the HPV vaccine available to me when I was young, then I’d not have gone through this terrible cancer” – Bunny, Oropharyngeal Cancer Survivor

Here’s why she recommends the vaccine: #NIAM #NIAM2024

Caption 3: “The one thing I really want people to know…We have a vaccine to prevent cancer” – Tamika, Cervical Cancer Survivor
Here’s why she recommends it: #NIAM2024 @Vaxyourfam

Week 2: Speaking Up & Answering Questions

Monday, August 5th

Create a WhyIVax post using our template. Ask your followers why they vaccinate.

Example Caption: I vaccinate because I deal with a challenging medical condition, and want to protect my health as best I can.

#WhyIVax #NIAM2024

Tuesday, August 6th

Use this post template to remind folks that social media isn’t the best place for health advice.

“Off the Timeline” Assets

Caption: Your health is too important to leave up to the [platform] algorithm. Seek out sources you can trust, like…


Wednesday, August 7th

Share this graphic encouraging families to empower themselves to make good decision.

“Knowledge is Power” Assets

Caption: *You* have the power to prevent disease. There’s never a bad time to learn about which vaccines you can get to protect yourself.


Thursday, August 8th

Share this graphic giving some examples of people who are immunocompromised.

“Who is Immunocompromised?” Assets

Caption: People who are immunocompromised are a part of every community. We are rarely just vaccinating for ourselves alone.


Friday, August 9th

Use this graphic template to highlight the ongoing threat of measles.

“Measles at Bay” Assets

Caption: There aren’t many measles cases in [state]. But what matters is that there are more than enough to bring the disease back if we don’t vaccinate.


Saturday, August 10th

Post one of these stories about chickenpox, along with its caption.

Caption 1: What’s it like to have chickenpox? Not always so mild.

“I cannot overemphasize the misery I was in.” Here’s why Brittany recommends the vaccine:

Caption 2: What’s it like to have chickenpox? Not always so mild.

“I had over 200 pox covering my tiny body.” Here’s why Susan recommends the vaccine: #NIAM2024 @NFIDVaccines

Caption 3: What’s it like to have chickenpox? Not always so mild.

“By the end of it he had well over 400 lesions covering his body.” Here’s why Rory’s mom recommends the vaccine: #NIAM2024 @Vaxyourfam

Week 3: Kids and Vaccines

Monday, August 12th

Share this graphic emphasizing how young children are the most susceptible to chronic HepB infection.

“Most Vulnerable” Assets

Caption: If a baby comes into contact with HepB, there’s a good chance they’ll have to deal with it for the rest of their life. Vaccinating early protects them when they’re most vulnerable to chronic infection.

@GlobalHep #NIAM2024

Wednesday, August 14th

Share this graphic that emphasizes parental control over the course of RSV.

Caption: We have good news & bad news. 

The bad news: almost all kids will get RSV. 

The good news: there are now immunizations that can majorly reduce their risk from it. #NIAM2024

Thursday, August 15th

Caption: You might learn this in bio, but we’ll tell you early: there are several life saving vaccines that teenagers should get to ensure a healthy future.


Saturday, August 17th

Post one of these stories about meningitis, along with its caption.

Caption 1: No one thinks they’re going to be the one to get meningitis. So we share the stories of those that did to remind you it’s preventable.


Caption 2: No one thinks they’re going to be the one to get meningitis. So we share the stories of those that did to remind you it’s preventable.

#NIAM2024 @M_R_F

Caption 3: No one thinks they’re going to be the one to get meningitis. So we share the stories of those that did to remind you it’s preventable.

#NIAM2024 @ASMP_org

Week 4: Taking Responsibility for Your Health

Monday, August 19th

Share this graphic encouraging people to fit vaccination into their schedule.

“Make the Time” Assets

Caption: Getting vaccinated is far less time-consuming (and stressful) than getting the disease. Take the time and make your life easier.


Tuesday, August 20th

“Vaccines are Part of a Healthy Lifestyle” Assets

Caption: You should want the most for your health. That’s why it’s best to live a healthy lifestyle AND get vaccinated.


Thursday, August 22nd

“Missing Vaccine” Assets

Caption: Don’t find out from a virus that you’re missing a vaccine. Check with your doctor to ensure that you have all of your recommended immunizations.


Friday, August 23rd

Post one of these links about COVID vaccines, along with its caption.

Caption 1: COVID vaccines have been approved for almost 4 years, and in that time, saved tens of millions of lives.

Let’s not take that for granted. Vaccines are still one of the most important inventions around today. #NIAM #NIAM2024

Caption 2: Almost 4 years later, the COVID vaccine is still doing work in the background to keep us safe from disease. How quickly we forget the protection given we get from immunization.


Saturday, August 24th

Post one of these articles about polio, along with its caption.

Caption 1: “Please vaccinate your children… This is completely avoidable if only you will do the right thing” – Marcia, Polio Survivor

Here’s why she recommends the vaccine: #NIAM #NIAM2024

Caption 2: “I rarely played with other kids since I couldn’t run or skip or jump” – Ina, Polio Survivor

Here’s why she recommends the vaccine: #NIAM2024 @Rotary

Week 5: Finishing Touches

Monday, August 26th

Share this graphic spotlighting a “vaccine champion” of your choosing. Be sure to tag them.

“Vaccine Champion” Assets

Example Caption: This NIAM, we are so grateful for the work of @doritmi! Dorit is a Professor of Law at UC Hastings, and does important work to help people understand laws surrounding vaccination.

Thank you for everything you do. #NIAM2024

Tuesday, August 27th

Share this graphic highlighting how vaccination is an important way to look after your community.

“Neighborhood Watch (for Measles)” Assets

Caption: We should all want to keep our communities safe, and to look out for each other. One of the best ways to do that is to keep yourself free from disease.


Thursday, August 29th

Share this graphic emphasizing how vaccines are important to help kids healthy and in school.

“Keep Kids in School” Assets

Caption: There’s no school supply more important than good health. Give your child all the things they need to succeed, including a school year free from preventable disease.


Friday, August 30th

Make a post saying thanks to your followers, and include a picture of your team.

Caption: Thank you all for a wonderful #NIAM2024 🙌

Vaccines protect us all the time, so we’ll keep sharing more about them long after August. But to end the month, here is the team that keeps us going all year round!

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