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The Vaccine Quest

A dark blue starburst overlaid with a white shield, which is adorned with a pink cross. Behind the shield are two crossed syringes, taking the place of what would normally be swords. The vaccine is mightier than the sword.How do vaccines work? How can I tell if the science I am reading about is valid? Who is making sure vaccines are safe? Where do vaccines go once they are inside my body?

It's normal to have questions about vaccines, and it's normal to want to answer questions about vaccines. We have developed an online quest to help you do both. Embark on The Vaccine Quest and learn everything you need to know about vaccines.

This course is free, fun, and made for people from all walks of life.

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Module 1 Vaccine Basics
Quest 1 What are vaccines?  
Quest 2 What is the immune system and how does it work?  
Quest 3 How do vaccines work?  
Quest 4 Vaccine types  
Quest 5 What's in a vaccine?  
Module 2 Vaccine Safety and Monitoring
Quest 1 Testing and the approval process for vaccines  
Quest 2 Post-licensure monitoring  
Quest 3 Adverse events  
Module 3 Fantastic Voyage, Vaccine Edition
Quest 1 What does the rest of your body do with a vaccine?  
Quest 2 What your body does with multiple vaccines  
Quest 3 The importance of vaccination schedules  
Module 4 Making the Vaccine Decision
Quest 1 Is it good science or bad science?  
Quest 2 Anatomy of scientific studies  
Quest 3 The strength of the study  
Quest 4 Risk assessment  
Quest 5 Natural and vaccine immunity  
Module 5 Diseases Prevented by Vaccines
Quest 1 Diseases prevented in childhood  
Quest 2 Illnesses prevented in adolescents and young adults  
Quest 3 Diseases prevented across the lifespan  
Quest 4 Adult disease prevention  
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