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Vax Talk Podcast

Vax Talk Podcast

Vax Talk is the podcast for people who want to do something about outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases and who understand that knowledge is power. We will discuss the latest news about vaccines and the impact they have on our communities, our families, and our friendships.

Vax Talk is also on Stitcher, iHeart Radio, or wherever you get your podcasts. Or, choose an episode below and start listening.


Ep. 68: Vaccines Year in Review

At the end of 2021, everyone may have thought that had been the Year of the Vaccine, but 2022 came along and said, "Hold my vial of mostly saline." In this Vax Talk episode, Karen and Nathan review some of the most prominent vaccine-related news of the year. Links from the episode, in the order…

Ep. 67: Vaccine Sundays and Equity

Because vaccines work better when we are all vaccinated, vaccine equity isn't about justice alone. It is also crucial to public health. Enter Julissa Soto, MPH. Fresh off her work with other forms of health equity, she has come onto the scene in Colorado to make sure Latino communities can get vaccinated and feel confident…

Ep. 66: The Future of mRNA Vaccines

In many ways, mRNA vaccines are a game-changer, but not an unexpected one. For this episode, we talked to one of the scientists who has been pursuing mRNA vaccines for years: Melissa Moore, Ph.D. We discuss how mRNA vaccines have changed so much for us and what the future might hold. Links from the episode…

Ep. 65: Dr. Offit’s Take on Aluminum

A new study seems to connect childhood vaccines to asthma. Or does it? We invited our friend and hero, Dr. Paul Offit, to the show to discuss this study and the other studies from the past investigating vaccines and aluminum adjuvants. Don't miss his take! Listen now! Find more episodes!

Ep. 64: Polio Makes a Terrible Return

Remember the old refrain: polio is only a plane ride away. We invited the excellent Blima Marcus to talk to us about polio hitting U.S. shores.

Ep. 63: It’s Not COVID

Flu is lingering into June and RSV is messing with kids off-season. To find out what is happening and how vaccines can help, we talked to Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Dr. Bill Schaffner.

Ep. 62: Getting Back to the Vax

People who are vaccine hesitant can become confident, like our two guests. Join this fun conversation about how we can all talk to each other, featuring Lydia Greene and Heather Simpson from Back to the Vax.

Ep. 61: SAFE Vaccine Legislation

A new organization–SAFE Communities Coalition–is working hard to combat bad vaccine legislation and promote the good stuff.

Ep. 60: Your Vaccine Refusing Family

Podcast episode with Dr. Tara Smith discussing how to handle family members who are skeptical of COVID-19 vaccination.

Ep. 59: Kids and COVID Vaccines

Parents have a lot of questions about COVID vaccines and their kids, so we invited those parents to a Zoom chat with nationally-known expert and pediatric nurse practitioner, Patsy Stinchfield. They got a chance to ask their questions, and we all got answers. We begin with a discussion between Nathan and Karen on Dr. Peter…

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