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Being a vaccine advocate can feel hard. But we’ve got you covered. Here you will find all sorts of resources to better understand vaccines and feel more confident being a vaccine champion!

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Need to debunk misinformation on the go? Looking for a guide for starting a vaccines conversation? Want to get involved?

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The Vaccine Quest

A dark blue starburst overlaid with a white shield, which is adorned with a pink cross. Behind the shield are two crossed syringes, taking the place of what would normally be swords. The vaccine is mightier than the sword.It’s normal to have questions about vaccines, and it’s normal to want to answer questions about vaccines. We have developed an online quest to help you do both. Embark on The Vaccine Quest and learn everything you need to know about vaccines.

This course is free, fun, and made for people from all walks of life.

Just the Facts Newsletter: Correcting this week's misinformation

Each week we debunk the latest vaccine misinformation and send the facts directly to our subscribers. Check out the latest issues and sign up for this weekly email newsletter.

Correcting this week’s misinformation: week of January 26, 2023

Let's talk about vaccine shedding, claims made by a guy claiming to be the inventor of the mRNA vaccines, and an OB-GYN who is making a name for herself with claims of her own.

Vaccine Advocacy Toolkits

Voices for Vaccines has created a number of toolkits to help you communicate about vaccines online with your family, communities, and on social media. Share the toolkit pages easily online, or download and print the PDF versions. 

Family Advocacy Toolkit
Vaccine Hesitancy Toolkit Cover Page
Healthcare Provider Toolkit

Vaccine Fact Sheets

Voices for Vaccines has created fact sheets for each childhood vaccine. Learn about the disease the vaccine prevents, how effective the vaccine is as well as helpful hints during the vaccine visit and after vaccination. Download and print these before your vaccine visit to help you understand the process and jot down any questions you may have:

Download the Chickenpox PDF Fact Sheet

Chickenpox Vaccine

Download the DTaP PDF Fact Sheet

DTaP Vaccine

Download the Polio IPV Vaccine PDF Fact Sheet

Polio Vaccine

Vax Talk Podcast

Vax Talk is the podcast for people who want to do something about outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases and who understand that knowledge is power. We will discuss the latest news about vaccines and the impact they have on our communities, our families, and our friendships.

You can listen to past episodes of our podcast here. Also, subscribe to Vax Talk at Apple PodcastsGoogle Play, PodBean or Stitcher.

Strong arm with a bandage

Ep. 68: Vaccines Year in Review

At the end of 2021, everyone may have thought that had been the Year of the Vaccine, but 2022 came…

Ep. 67: Vaccine Sundays and Equity

Because vaccines work better when we are all vaccinated, vaccine equity isn't about justice alone. It is also crucial to…

Ep. 66: The Future of mRNA Vaccines

In many ways, mRNA vaccines are a game-changer, but not an unexpected one. For this episode, we talked to one…

Voices for Vaccines Blog

Visit our blog to read all our posts, submit your story, or read the most recent posts below:

Bunny Kennedy with her dog

My Cancer Journey, Your Vaccine

Yesterday’s devastating cancer can now be prevented with a simple shot. I wish I had the choice that you do.
Charlie and Lindsey

Influenza Put Me in a Nursing Home. At age 38.

I never got my flu shot, until one winter the virus put me in a 10 day coma. This is my cautionary tale.

From Sniffles to Medevac: My Flu Story

I was healthy and have a great life. A bad case of flu can change that in a matter of days.

Why I Vax

Visit our Why I Vax gallery to see why ordinary people like you are happy to be vaccinated, or submit your photo today.

Karen Nakato

Karen Nakato

I hope to protect the young ones against disease.

Tammy P.

I immunize to protect myself and my family, especially my elderly father.

Joan Edelstein, DrPH, RN

The year I had measles over 500 children died. Today, I no longer see wards for children with infectious diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about vaccines? Check out our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to find answers.

Just the Facts Newsletter:
Correcting This Week's Misinformation

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