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Becoming Trusted Messengers

You're confident about vaccines and how they work, but how do you transmit that confidence to the people who know and trust you? This course gives you an easy, evidence-based method of handling hesitancy in order to become the Trusted Vaccine Messenger to the people around you.

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Module 1 Understanding Hesitancy
Quest 1 The Confidence Continuum  
Quest 2 Origins of hesitancy  
Module 2 The 4-A Method
Quest 1 Introducing the 4-As  
Quest 2 Ask the open-ended question  
Quest 3 Active Listening  
Quest 4 Acknowledge what's right  
Quest 5 Affirm the journey  
Quest 6 Getting permission  
Quest 7 Finding the right answer  
Module 3 Check Your Mastery
Quest 1 Final Exam  
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