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Why I Vax

Why vaccinate? Voices for Vaccines members explain why they vax! Submit your Why I Vax photo today.

Daniel Wilson
I immunize to protect myself and my family from getting sick and help to lower the burden on the healthcare system.
Luís Fernando Correia
I vaccinate because I genuinely believe vaccines save lives.
I got my COVID vaccine at the end of 2023 because I got sick two years in a row a few weeks before Christmas, and I was tired during the holidays and didn't want to feel that way anymore.
Sharon Nche-che, MPH
As a public health specialist, the decision to get myself and my household vaccinated was a no-brainer.
Mary Koslap-Petraco
I immunize to keep myself and my patients and family from the ravages of vaccine preventable diseases.
Rae Martens
I immunize to protect myself and others. As a two time cancer survivor and a caregiver to high risk individuals, taking care means lowering risk for severe outcomes from disease.
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