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Why I Vax

Why vaccinate? Voices for Vaccines members explain why they vax! Submit your Why I Vax photo today.

Jessica Love
For my community, my patients, and my unborn baby! My immunity is her immunity.
White Woman Wearing Sunglasses And Black Shirt With A Bandaid On Her Arm.
Tara c Smith
I immunize to protect my family, my community, and myself!
White Woman With Brown Hair Wearing A Grey "pro-vaxxer" Shirt And Pointing To A Colorful Sticker On That Shirt.
Lindsay Diamond
Our family gets vaccinated so we, and our community, are protected from preventable illness! The stickers are a nice bonus, too.
Adam Heckathorn
I need to spend time with my grand daughter.
Mickie Farris
I immunize to create a protective barrier for my kids
Because I believe in science, and I want to help keep my community safe.
Aleksandar S.
To protect myself, my family, and my friends
To protect myself, my loved ones, and my community!
Jennifer Gabriel
It’s the closest I can get to being a superhero. Diseases bounce right off of me!
To be able to safely hug my grandchildren and great-grandchildren
Christina Rutan
I need to be healthy so I can care for those who aren't.
I choose to be safe for myself and others.
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