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Why I Vax

Why vaccinate? Voices for Vaccines members explain why they vax! Submit your Why I Vax photo today.

Karen Nakato
Karen Nakato
I hope to protect the young ones against disease.
Tammy P.
I immunize to protect myself and my family, especially my elderly father.
Joan Edelstein, DrPH, RN
The year I had measles over 500 children died. Today, I no longer see wards for children with infectious diseases.
I want to make sure me, my friends, and my family are safe this season.
Erika’s Kiddos
We do all we can for our littles to ensure they are healthy and happy.
Erika Edmiston
Science is truly amazing and we should celebrate the advances that have been made to improve our lives.
Trent Derrick
We are all caretakers of the community and we have a responsibility to look out for each other.
Grace R.
As someone who survived one vaccine-preventable disease, why would I risk another?
Ronny Allan
I have survived cancer. I would hate to let the flu virus undo all my hard work.
Ibrahima Koné
Dr. Koné sent us this photo of his team marking kids 'vaccinated' against polio.
Victor Eboh
Dr. Eboh sent us this photo of him giving a polio vaccine during recent outbreaks in 2022.
Zachary Yaksich
I vaccinate for my daughter Alana who died in 2003 from complications of the flu.
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