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Why I Vax

Why vaccinate? Voices for Vaccines members explain why they vax! Submit your Why I Vax photo today.

Alana Francis
I have seen vaccine-preventable deaths in babies and children and am so disappointed that we see diseases returning that had been eliminated in Australia.
I once picked up pertussis from a guy on a plane. My Tdap wasn't up to date.
Mairead And Her Son
Mairead O Connor
My two boys have received all their childhood vaccinations to date. As a researcher, I know the evidence shows the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks.
Leona Lee
Vaccines are such an easy thing to do! Less illness for whomever I come into contact with, and for me.
Clare Mulligan
Herpes blisters threatened my eyesight. I got the shingles vaccine for protection from pain and blindness.
Louise Comeault
Almost 13 years ago, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I never want anyone else to go through that.
I was too busy for a flu shot one year, and was sick in bed for two weeks.
Jennifer Hakonen
I believe that vaccines cause adults. By keeping up to date with my vaccinations, I'm protecting my family members and their futures.
Karen Nakato
Karen Nakato
I hope to protect the young ones against disease.
Tammy P.
I immunize to protect myself and my family, especially my elderly father.
Joan Edelstein, DrPH, RN
The year I had measles over 500 children died. Today, I no longer see wards for children with infectious diseases.
I want to make sure me, my friends, and my family are safe this season.
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