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Why I Vax

Why vaccinate? Voices for Vaccines members explain why they vax! Submit your Why I Vax photo today.

Because all the evidence tells me it's the best choice.
Crystal R
We immunize to protect ourselves from severe disease and keep others safe and healthy!
Arizona Proctor
To keep me, my family, and community safe!
Jane W
I remember stories my parents told about children in their neighborhoods waking up unable to walk (or worse) because of polio. Now, for pennies, we can vaccinate against this and other devastating diseases. Vaccines are the simplest and the most cost efficient tools we have to stay well.
Maryann Miller
Maryann Miller
I had shingles without the vaccine, leading to Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and atypical trigmenial neuralgia.
NIIW 2023
In-person submission.
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