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Correcting this week's vaccine misinformation

Get the facts about various vaccine claims you might have seen on the internet this week.

Correcting this week’s disinformation: December 1, 2022

This week we take a look at what's up with excessive deaths, menstruation and vaccines, and autism claims that fuel outbreaks like the one we see in the Midwest.

Correcting this week’s misinformation: November 17, 2022

Read up on RSV, the long-term risks of myocarditis, and Bill Gates in this week's newsletter.

Correcting this week’s misinformation: November 10, 2022

Wait. Why is everyone talking about immunity debt?

Correcting this week’s misinformation: November 3, 2022

This week we cover the COVID-19 vaccine's affect on hair and nail health, the Gish Gallop style lists of studies being shared on Twitter, and more claims about excessive deaths.

Correcting this week’s misinformation: October 27, 2022

This week's newsletter covers disinformation about how doctors feel about the COVID vaccinations, Leslie Jordan's death, and the English language and Long Covid.

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