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Our blog represents the voices of people who rely on vaccines for safety and health, people who have suffered the consequences of living without vaccines, and those who want to speak up to encourage others to get vaccinated. Read and share their stories, or contact us to share your story.

Why Routine Childhood Vaccines Are Important to Me

Our boys made it through the pregnancy, but were six weeks premature, and started life in the NICU.

RSV Can Be Serious for Preemies

I made strict rules about hand washing and visitors. Unfortunately, after one of those rules was broken, my worst fear happened: my son became sick with RSV.

Thank you for a great 2023!

We declare 2023 as the year of the vaccine enthusiast! Way to go! With your help we can continue our critical work in 2024. Are you with us?

How a Virus Caused My Cancer

My life has completely changed because of a virus that I knew very little about. Unfortunately, the vaccine came too late for me.

I lost my son to MenB. Today, there’s a vaccine.

Over spring break, Henry decided to spend time with me. Just six days later, the world as we knew it would never be the same.

Anyone Can Get Long COVID

I was the epitome of low risk. Then a COVID infection then left me, and millions like me, disabled.

I Was One of the Last Americans to Get Polio

When I was young, I was the only kid in the whole school with a disability from polio. Years later I began to its the long-term effects.

The Big Deal About Chickenpox

Chickenpox was almost a rite of passage when I grew up. My perspective changed when I starting working as a triage nurse in a children's hospital.

Off the Map: My Journey with Facial Shingles

There is no cure or fix for Shingles. I would have taken the two-dose Shingrix shot if only I had known about it.

RSV Changed Our Lives

Nobody wants their kids to be sick. To have a child almost die from a virus, though? That’s a whole different level of powerlessness.

Yes, Pertussis Outbreaks Still Happen

I learned about pertussis the hard way: by being part of an outbreak.
Leslie and Gabriel

The Trauma of RSV

What was a cough for my daughter put our baby son in the PICU. It's my greatest hope we get a vaccine.
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