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Our blog represents the voices of people who rely on vaccines for safety and health, people who have suffered the consequences of living without vaccines, and those who want to speak up to encourage others to get vaccinated. Read and share their stories, or contact us to share your story.

Bunny Kennedy with her dog

My Cancer Journey, Your Vaccine

Yesterday’s devastating cancer can now be prevented with a simple shot. I wish I had the choice that you do.
Charlie and Lindsey

Influenza Put Me in a Nursing Home. At age 38.

I never got my flu shot, until one winter the virus put me in a 10 day coma. This is my cautionary tale.

From Sniffles to Medevac: My Flu Story

I was healthy and have a great life. A bad case of flu can change that in a matter of days.

How Misinfo Hospitalized My Toddler

Rumors from other parents convinced me not to vaccinate my son. I found out the truth when he landed in the hospital.

I lost my child to flu. Trust me, you need a shot.

Alana was a perfectly healthy little girl. I felt cheated of the opportunity to protect my daughter, and as a result, she died.

What COVID Took from My Community

A loss of life often means a loss of culture. We have to be role models for the health of our communities.

I’m a Polio Survivor. I Don’t Want You to Get It.

Polio is once again a public health threat in the United States. Grace is disappointed, though not surprised.

Why I Got Vaccinated

I got vaccinated against COVID, HPV, measles, meningitis, flu, and other deadly diseases, because I believe in the science of vaccines to protect myself and reduce the chance of spreading to others.

My Breakthrough About Vaccines

Stanford PhD Mallory Harris on her hard-won realization about the community value of vaccination.
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