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Looking for our Podcast?

Vax Talk is the Voices for Vaccines podcast, hosted by Karen Ernst and Blank Children’s Hospital pediatrician Dr. Nathan Boonstra. You can find our podcast page here or on our Cast page.  Subscribe to the podcast via iTunesGoogle Play, or Stitcher.

Gear for Advocacy Efforts

Get t-shirts, bags, sweat-shirts, car magnets, and other gear that show you are a strong voice in favor of vaccines! Visit our store, wear your advocacy on your coffee mug, and benefit VFV programs.

Talking to Vaccine-Hesitant Loved Ones with Compassion and Confidence

Oftentimes, we have friends or family members who have refused some or all vaccines for their children, and we would like to begin a conversation about vaccines with them in order to help calm their immunization-related fears. This toolkit helps parents start these conversations and sustain them until minds can be changed. Also in Italian.

Pro-Vaccine Playgroups

Parents of young children who want to meet other pro-vaccine parents can find them in their neighborhoods by visiting our playgroup map. Note: children who cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons are welcome. Learn more about our pro-vaccine playgroups here.

Avoiding False Balance: Vaccines in the Media

Journalists writing stories concerning immunization can unintentionally fall prey to presenting their stories with two equal sides, even though the science behind vaccines is clear. This toolkit is a great guide for journalists to download themselves or for the public to email to a journalist who has stumbled into the fallacy of false balance. Journalism students and professors might also use this toolkit in their coursework.

Community Immunity Toolkit

Vaccines work by protecting individuals by disease, but if enough people in a community are vaccinated, the whole community enjoys a shield of protection. This shield, known as Community Immunity, is important to everyone but especially to those who are the most vulnerable to illnesses and their complications. This toolkit helps schools and other communities assess how well they are meeting Community Immunity thresholds in order to inspire and motivate everyone to keep up-to-date with their immunizations. Download it here. Updated 2-19-2015

Vaccines and the Law Manual

This comprehensive manual helps advocates at all levels explore legal and legislative options for raising immunization rates. Download the manual here.

Parent Advocate Toolkit

Voices for Vaccines members want to spread the good word about immunization and encourage other parents to do the same. This toolkit enables anyone–from the everyday parent to the practicing physician–to gather a group of people of any size to discuss how vaccines are important and why we must all speak up for them.

This toolkit contains everything you need to host a gathering no matter the size–from a small group of friends in your home to a large, public community event. Everything you need is contained within.

Kick the Flu out of School: Flu Vaccine Contest for Schools

Each year, we hope that students receive their influenza vaccines.  This toolkit helps school leaders (both parent-leaders and administrators) give students a fun incentive to go out and get their flu vaccine!  By turning in a signed entry form, students are entered into a drawing for prizes.  The toolkit includes ideas for prizes and a solicitation letter for local business who might be excited to support the health of your school.  This toolkit can be personalized; however, schools may not edit the documents in ways that change the intent or purpose of the contest. 

New and Expectant Parent Toolkits

Oftentimes, parents make the decision to vaccinate their children even before their children are born.  We want to make that decision easier for them by providing accurate information about vaccines.  Ob/Gyns, Midwives, Childbirth Educators, Lactation Consultants, and anyone else interested in communicating with parents can download these items for free distribution.

Writing an Op-Ed for Publication

Reaching out to the broader community through opinion articles is one way Voices for Vaccines members can make a difference.  In this toolkit, you will find some strategies for writing a powerful, persuasive op-ed for publication.  For additional guidance, contact

Spread the Word Flyer

Voices for Vaccines members are our greatest asset, and you can help build our ranks by encouraging others to join.  Help spread the word about Voices for Vaccines by downloading our flyer and posting it on bulletin boards around your community.  Black and white version and simple tear-off version. You can also become a Workplace Giving Ambassador.

Archived Conference Calls

Each month, Voices for Vaccines hosts conference calls with movers and shakers in the pro-vaccine movement. Recordings of these calls can be downloaded here.

Become a VFV Fundraising Ambassador

Voices for Vaccines relies on the financial support of individual donors. You can help us reach more donors by becoming a fundraising ambassador at your workplace or through Razoo.