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Additional Vaccines

What additional vaccines should I be aware of?

Some vaccines may be needed for travel or work in certain fields.

Travel Vaccines

The vaccines you may need will depend on where you are traveling. Some travel vaccines are a series of several doses for the greatest protection, so be sure to plan ahead. Regardless of where you travel, you should make sure you are up to date on all your routine vaccines.

Work-related Vaccines

People who work in healthcare fields may need certain vaccines, including:

Depending on the state you live in or your employer, you may have additional vaccination requirements.

Lifestyle-related Vaccines

If you… You may need the…
Smoke cigarettes Pneumococcal vaccines
Were born out of the U.S. Hepatitis A vaccines
Are a man who has sex with men Hepatitis A and B vaccines, and/or HPV vaccine
Use non-prescription drugs  (including injectable drugs) Hepatitis A and B vaccines
Experiencing homelessness Hepatitis A and B vaccines

Take the CDC’s Adult Vaccine Quiz to find out what vaccines you may need.

Always talk to your healthcare provider about what vaccines your family needs.

How do I know this information is credible?

We work for parents so we make sure that parent concerns are addressed using facts and science and our content is reviewed by experts who have spent their careers studying vaccines. Learn more about how we ensure we are bringing you the best information to help you make healthy choices for your family.

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