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Moorhead, MN
I pride myself on learning from the unfortunate example of others. Why learn form the school of hard knocks when you can learn from someone else's hard knocks. Maybe there is nothing I can do for them about their misfortune stemming from a poor decision but at least I can see clearly not to make the same mistake. Well here is your chance to avoid a foolish decision and to learn from our mistake. When my oldest daughters were 2 and 4 they got whooping cough. This was the effect, the cause was a poor decision I had hardly paid any attention to. Kari, my wife and a young mother, had heard through the grape vine that she should not let her children get vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. I think she was worried about autism, something that has been shown through a great number of studies to have nothing to do with vaccines. I know some of you are saying "I heard of studies that did show a link." An honest evaluation will show that is simply not true, reputable studies done within accepted medical science are a hundred percent on this. Fortunately my children were very healthy and they came through this disease OK although they were very ill. Just as important no one lost an infant around the same time in our community because if they had the blame for that could have been possibly laid at our feet. I believe as most decent human beings do that it is not all about me or my family I am not free to make "personal" decisions that could impact the greater community. If my decisions could have a negative affect, perhaps death of an infant, on other community members, they are stakeholders in that decision period. I hope this account will help some to see more clearly to make a responsible decision when it comes to vaccines. The picture is of my middle daughter with her husband. The two older ones got the whooping cough the youngest had not been born.
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