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Casselberry, FL
I have many reasons why I immunize my son. First, I contracted measles at 3 despite getting the MMR (this was the early 1980s), and it attacked my eyes. I have clear memories of how horrible it was, and always swore any child of mine wouldn't have to go through that. Second, my maternal grandmother lost her older sister to measles. I could never live with myself if my child died from a vaccine preventable disease. Third, I want to help all of the children who can't receive vaccines by having my son be a part of the herd that shields them. Vaccines allows me to accomplish all three of my reasons, and most importantly, help my son live a long and healthy life with as little suffering as possible. It is sound science that has saved millions, and I would be remiss if I ignored the miracle vaccines are to helping children survive into adulthood.
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