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Presto, SD
I vaccinate because there is nothing more heartbreaking than being told your baby is going to die from meningococcal disease. Gavin defied the 10% odds of survival he was given, but the devastation the infectious disease took on his infant body means his entire childhood will be spent needing major reconstruction surgeries on his arms, legs, and face. He has endured over 30 surgeries--with dozens more necessary before he's an adult--and we have spent almost a year of his young life in hospitals or travelling to them. Within the last five years, the CDC has broadened its recommendations on several lifesaving vaccines including the HPV vax and the two different meningococcal disease vaccinations. Staying up to date and educated on all vaccines recommended for EVERY member of your family is the only way to protect our loved ones and our communities from these horrific diseases.
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