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Wahoo, NE
In January of 2017, my then 56 year old mother, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, which is a cancer of the plasma cells. After undergoing treatments and multiple bone marrow biopsies for 6 months, she received an autologous stem cell transplant in June of 2017. This is when her own stem cells are collected, stored, and given back to her. Prior to this, she received high dose chemotherapy to completely knock out her immune system. Her white blood cells were dropped down to zero, leaving her with very little protection, if any, from disease. After her extremely successful transplant and a new chance at life, she is now being re-vaccinated with all immunizations, due to losing her immune system and prior vaccinations she had built up her whole life. She received a flu shot in the Fall, and was diagnosed with influenza in January after returning to work. Due to the flu shot preparing her immune system for the virus, she was able to recover after only a couple of days on tamiflu. My family and I are so very thankful for vaccines, which protect our mom's weakened immune system. And we are thankful for all those who vaccinate, which protects her as well! Mom sees one of the top doctors in the country for her cancer care, and from day one, he has been a voice for vaccinations. She has now been 100% free of cancer cells in her bone marrow for 6 months.
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