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Lisle, IL
I immunize because I have two beautiful daughters that I hope never ever end up like my amazing grandfather. My Poppy contracted polio as a child and almost died. If that happened, I wouldn't be here. He suffered the rest of his life with a limp and pain from this disease. No one will ever convince me not to vaccinate. I have seen what these horrible diseases can do to a person and if a vaccine can prevent that pain, then I am all for it!! This brave man is in heaven now, and has been for many years but he suffered the effects of polio his entire life, including being hit by a car, (due to slow walking and limping), falling down steps and breaking a hip, and more pain than any of us can imagine. My anger toward anti-vaxxers is because of this man and all he suffered for his ENTIRE LIFE. No one should ever deal with those consequences. These are not harmless childhood diseases, they change the course of people's lives. I can only imagine the anger he would have if he knew people were refusing a preventative measure that could save their children from this fate that he had no choice but to suffer.
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