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My son had his two-month vaccines on March 26th at ten weeks old. My husband and I both took him to the pediatrician. We went to the well child waiting room, but a nurse came out into the lobby to check our temperature first -- all three of us. Then she said only one parent could go back with our baby. I was nervous about his first vaccines so I let my husband go back. But then a different nurse said we could both go back since it was his first vaccines. All the nurses looked like they had full PPE. Our pediatrician came in as well with PPE on. She informed us that the hand sanitizer they had in the installed dispensers didn't have alcohol in them (or at least did not have the specific amount as recommended by the CDC), so they were all just using soap and water. Other than that, the visit was normal. I am hoping things are closer to normal once his four month visit comes around.
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