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A cartoon of people playing a game show with photos of the heads of Heather Simpson, Paul Offit, and Dan Wilson badly photoshopped onto the bodies.

Ep. 74: Game Night

Put your Google down, and join our Vax Ambassadors for some fun! Each month, our Vax Ambassadors meet to learn something new about vaccines. This…

Ep. 73: A Shot in the Arm

The pandemic caused a lot of pain, from the loss of lives to COVID itself to the burnout and moral injury of people working on…

Ep. 72: Vaccine Communication Breakdown

In this episode, we break down vaccine communication, from the days of "Let the Science Speak for Itself" to the political partisanship of the pandemic.…

Silhouetted man in front of sunset and mountains.

Ep. 71: The Real Truth About Vaccines

Lately, Twitter has become a cesspool of the worst humans spreading the worst misinformation. Except for one bright spot: The Real Truther. We invited The…

Ep. 70: Dr. Howard Fights the Forces That Want to Infect You

Dr. Jonathan Howard's new book, We Want Them Infected, traces this ill-begotten quest and the inevitable pseudoscience that followed. Listen in to our conversation with him!
Strong arm with a bandage

Ep. 68: Vaccines Year in Review

At the end of 2021, everyone may have thought that had been the Year of the Vaccine, but 2022 came along and said, "Hold my…

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