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The Vaccine Quest (Imported)

Vaccines 101

Module 1 Vaccine Basics
Unit 1 What are vaccines?
Unit 2 What is the immune system and how does it work?
Unit 3 How do vaccines work?
Unit 4 Vaccine Types
Unit 5 What's in a vaccine?
Module 2 Vaccine Safety and Monitoring
Unit 1 Testing and the Approval Process For Vaccines
Unit 2 Post-Licensure Monitoring
Unit 3 Adverse Events
Module 3 Fantastic Voyage, Vaccine Edition
Unit 1 What does the rest of your body do with a vaccine?
Unit 2 What your body does with multiple vaccines
Unit 3 The importance of vaccination schedules
Module 4 Making the Vaccine Decision
Unit 1 Is it good science or bad science?
Unit 2 Anatomy of Scientific Studies
Unit 3 The Strength of the Study
Unit 4 Risk Assessment
Unit 5 Natural and Vaccine Immunity
Module 5 Diseases Prevented by Vaccines
Unit 1 Diseases Prevented in Childhood
Unit 2 Illnesses Prevented in Adolescents and Young Adults
Unit 3 Diseases Prevented Across the Lifespan
Unit 4 Adult Disease Prevention
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