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Coalition Family Engagement: Extend

How do you work with families to increase your engagement and influence?

The third and final “E” of our strategy is Extend – these are strategies to use families to increase your reach and influence.

Tier I Coalitions

You may be a predominately professional organization, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to involve families:

  • Consider a “family advocate” ad hoc or non-voting member
  • Designate one meeting a year to “family voices”
  • Agree with your members that you will have one meeting a quarter in the evening so parents and caregivers can attend
  • Make room on your agenda to regularly hear input or opinions from families.

Tier II Coalitions

Looking to increase your involvement with families? Extend a voting board seat to a family representative. Provide HCP and other member trainings on how to more effectively engage with families.

Tier III Coalitions

Already have a pretty well-established family involvement strategy?

Grow it by:

  • Providing media training so you have compelling, credible surrogates you can call on for media engagement
  • Host Op-Ed writing sessions that further empower families to show their support for vaccines more visibility

Using Families to Support Social Media

For better or worse, a lot of vaccine conversations are happening on social media, so it’s important to get out there on social media and educate folks!

A lot of coalitions are reluctant to enter into the social media space because of anti-vaxxers, but family engagement provides ways to make it easier. Consider a group of family volunteers who can support your social media presence. They can post, cross-post, and share as well as act as moderators to keep anti-vaxxers from burying your efforts in negative comments.

Download this Toolkit

Download and print or share a copy of the Family Engagement Toolkit for Coalitions with your community.

Download the PDF

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