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Healthcare Providers Toolkit: Introduction

Why healthcare providers make a difference

Vaccines. Yup, we know a lot of you are sighing at the very word.

Vaccines have never been more important, but the conversations seem to be harder and harder to have with patients and families. Sometimes the path of least resistance can seem right, especially as healthcare providers have less time to spend with patients.

We get it. But in fact, a strong recommendation from a healthcare provider is the single most influential factor in someone deciding to vaccinate.

That’s right, you’re the secret sauce!

It’s a lot of pressure, but we’re here to help. We get how to talk to families because we are families. In this toolkit, we help you understand what families want and need to know, how best to communicate with them, and tools to make it all much easier. You’re a health hero and the single most influential group of people when it comes to vaccines. We’re excited to help you help your patients understand and support vaccines.

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