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Sarah Sliva, MD

Jericho, VT
On the Covid-19 vaccine, and privilege, and responsibility, and being part of the solution. Initially, I had some reservations in posting a photo of me receiving the Covid vaccine. It felt almost too privileged – like, look at me! Look what I got. I’m among first in line, while so many of you will wait. But in talking with colleagues, watching the news, and following social media, it became apparent that to so many, this isn’t a privilege. It’s new and unknown, and it’s scary. To say nothing of the conspiracy theories, which I have to believe also come from a place of fear, and not from a place of willful ignorance or cruelty. So when you have the privilege of being among the first, I believe you have the responsibility to be an example. This is my shot (pun intended). This is for my parents, whom I have not seen in almost a year. This is for my husband and children, and the hope of decreased contagion/transmission within our household. It’s for the family we cannot see this holiday. For the friends we miss. For my colleagues who have died, or have come to the brink of death, or who suffer prolonged symptoms to this day. For our neighbors and community. For all of our children, and all we have asked of them. For those we have lost, and will continue to lose, in hopes that this act will make even the smallest of dents in that number. May all of our small dents compound into one large blow to this terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad virus.
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