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More than two years ago, when Ashley Shelby and I were pondering whether or not to take the helm of Voices for Vaccines, we were adamant that the organization must be parent-led. We were also acutely aware that the loudest parent voices heard in any immunization conversation–in the media, online, in community meetings–was the voice against vaccines.

How could the anti-vaccine voice be so overwhelming when well over 90% of parents vaccinate their children? The answer is simple: those voices are heard because those are the people speaking. That 90% of parents have historically been quiet on the issue and have ceded their place in the conversation.

But no more. The tides are already turning. We get requests from journalists every week looking to interview pro-vaccine parents for their stories and we’ve noticed anecdotally more parents declare proudly that their children are vaccinated to protect them and to protect their communities.

Voices for Vaccines is doing everything we can to get these pro-vaccine voices heard, from connecting parents to journalists to publishing your blog posts to alerting you to the legislators and decision-makers who need to hear from you.

Next Tuesday, we’d like to offer one more opportunity to get your voice heard. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is becoming the day people make donations to non-profits like us. In order to send the message loud and clear that the pro-vaccine voice wants to be heard, we are asking one thousand people to donate to Voices for Vaccines on December 2. Each donation helps VFV push the pro-vaccine voice–like yours–to the forefront.

And we are already hearing from you! It’s not even Giving Tuesday, and we’ve already had a handful of donors give what they can–from $5 to $500–in order to help us raise over $1000 so far. We can get one thousand people to donate!

Are you one of the one thousand who thinks the 90% should be heard? Help us get your voices heard. Support Voices for Vaccines. Donate today.

Help us recruit one thousand voices to our campaign by inviting your friends via Facebook and by sharing our video:

Karen Ernst is the parent-leader of Voices for Vaccines.

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