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RSV Changed Our Lives

Nobody wants their kids to be sick. To have a child almost die from a virus, though? That’s a whole different level of powerlessness.

Yes, Pertussis Outbreaks Still Happen

I learned about pertussis the hard way: by being part of an outbreak.
Leslie and Gabriel

The Trauma of RSV

What was a cough for my daughter put our baby son in the PICU. It's my greatest hope we get a vaccine.
Tara Cort as a small child

What Happened After I Got Meningitis

Tara Court had meningitis at age three. Learn more about her memories from that time and what she wants you to know.

I Won’t Forget Last RSV Season

We expected our pandemic baby to get sick eventually, but we did not expect what RSV would do.

My Child Turned 8. Then Survived Meningitis.

I told my doctor about what I thought was a heat rash. What happened next still gives me nightmares.

Fear and the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Flooded with guilt and fear, I vowed to never vaccinate myself or my family ever again. That's how the anti-vaccine movement hooks you in.

Leaving Denialism Behind: My 20 Year Journey

I was anti-vaccine before it went mainstream. Before COVID, before Wakefield, and before even the internet.
The inside of a big, ornate church with stained glass windows and very high ceilings.

HPV and Purity Culture

Purity culture infiltrates even the most sanitized spaces—including our doctor’s offices. It puts the maintenance of sexual purity over an individual’s health.
Hillary O'Boyle talks about her little one's fight with RSV

One of Our Hardest Nights — Fighting RSV

I've treated RSV in the hospital. But when my own son became a patient, I learned firsthand just how difficult it is.
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