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How Misinfo Hospitalized My Toddler

Rumors from other parents convinced me not to vaccinate my son. I found out the truth when he landed in the hospital.

I lost my child to flu. Trust me, you need a shot.

Alana was a perfectly healthy little girl. I felt cheated of the opportunity to protect my daughter, and as a result, she died.

What COVID Took from My Community

A loss of life often means a loss of culture. We have to be role models for the health of our communities.

I’m a Polio Survivor. I Don’t Want You to Get It.

Polio is once again a public health threat in the United States. Grace is disappointed, though not surprised.

Why I Got Vaccinated

I got vaccinated against COVID, HPV, measles, meningitis, flu, and other deadly diseases, because I believe in the science of vaccines to protect myself and reduce the chance of spreading to others.

My Breakthrough About Vaccines

Stanford PhD Mallory Harris on her hard-won realization about the community value of vaccination.
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