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The inside of a big, ornate church with stained glass windows and very high ceilings.

HPV and Purity Culture

Purity culture infiltrates even the most sanitized spaces—including our doctor’s offices. It puts the maintenance of sexual purity over an individual’s health.
Hillary O'Boyle talks about her little one's fight with RSV

One of Our Hardest Nights — Fighting RSV

I've treated RSV in the hospital. But when my own son became a patient, I learned firsthand just how difficult it is.

Vax Requirements Might Have Saved My Baby

I was a pregnant school teacher vulnerable to measles. The vaccine requirement that protected my child is no more.
Family selfie the weekend Randy came home from Texas to visit.

Why My Daughters Got the HPV Vaccine

After what it put our family through, I had to make sure my daughters were protected.

I Wish There Were an RSV Vaccine

I thought my baby just had a cold. Within a matter of hours she was in the PICU because of this virus.
Bunny Kennedy with her dog

My Cancer Journey, Your Vaccine

Yesterday’s devastating cancer can now be prevented with a simple shot. I wish I had the choice that you do.
Charlie and Lindsey

Influenza Put Me in a Nursing Home. At age 38.

I never got my flu shot, until one winter the virus put me in a 10 day coma. This is my cautionary tale.

From Sniffles to Medevac: My Flu Story

I was healthy and have a great life. A bad case of flu can change that in a matter of days.

How Misinfo Hospitalized My Toddler

Rumors from other parents convinced me not to vaccinate my son. I found out the truth when he landed in the hospital.

I lost my child to flu. Trust me, you need a shot.

Alana was a perfectly healthy little girl. I felt cheated of the opportunity to protect my daughter, and as a result, she died.
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