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How RSV Affects the Whole Family

Starting daycare at the peak of cold and flu season was a choice that wasn’t really a choice at all.

I Struggled with HPV-Related Cancer. Our Kids Don’t Have To.

HPV cancers don't have to overshadow the next generation if we vaccinate our young people now

My Brutal Battle with HPV-Related Cancer

If I could’ve had a vaccine to prevent my cancer, you can bet my ass I would’ve!

Overcoming Pneumoccocal Meningitis

It’s not a disease I thought I would ever get, especially at the age of 51.

Meningitis — A Poem for Prevention

I had this slight headache throughout the day; didn't recognize the faint scent of death's bouquet.

I Was Part of a Measles Outbreak. Please Vaccinate.

Hearing that measles was going around was like hearing someone had been eaten by a dinosaur last night—unfathomable.

Becoming Pro-Vaccine was Hard

I wanted to vaccinate. But you can't instantly conquer years of overwhelming fear and false beliefs.

What It’s Like to Get Chickenpox as an Adult

What I thought was the flu turned into two weeks of misery, and a new collection of scars that refuse to fade.

My Experience in the Polio Ward

It took 4-year-old me years to recover from polio. Get your kids vaccinated instead.
Man giving a small child oral polio drops

A Polio Epidemiologist on the Anti-Vaccine Movement

If the people who oppose all vaccines got what they wanted, it would be disastrous where I work.
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