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RSV Can Be Serious for Preemies

I made strict rules about hand washing and visitors. Unfortunately, after one of those rules was broken, my worst fear happened: my son became sick with RSV.
A cartoon of people playing a game show with photos of the heads of Heather Simpson, Paul Offit, and Dan Wilson badly photoshopped onto the bodies.

Ep. 74: Game Night

Put your Google down, and join our Vax Ambassadors for some fun! Each month, our Vax Ambassadors meet to learn something new about vaccines. This…

Leslie and Gabriel

The Trauma of RSV

What was a cough for my daughter put our baby son in the PICU. It's my greatest hope we get a vaccine.

I Won’t Forget Last RSV Season

We expected our pandemic baby to get sick eventually, but we did not expect what RSV would do.
Hillary O'Boyle talks about her little one's fight with RSV

One of Our Hardest Nights — Fighting RSV

I've treated RSV in the hospital. But when my own son became a patient, I learned firsthand just how difficult it is.

I Wish There Were an RSV Vaccine

I thought my baby just had a cold. Within a matter of hours she was in the PICU because of this virus.

Ep. 66: The Future of mRNA Vaccines

In many ways, mRNA vaccines are a game-changer, but not an unexpected one. For this episode, we talked to one of the scientists who has…

William Schaffner, MD

Ep. 63: It’s Not COVID

Flu is lingering into June and RSV is messing with kids off-season. To find out what is happening and how vaccines can help, we talked to Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Dr. Bill Schaffner.
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