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For many in the vaccine advocacy world, we feel as though we’ve watched Ethan Posard grow up. First, we saw him receive his adolescent Tdap on film in his sister’s documentary, Invisible Threat. A few years later, he had published his children’s book about his puppy and kids as the superheroes of the herd immunity story.

It was a no-brainer, then, to ask him to talk to us on the podcast during National Immunization Awareness Months’ teen and tween week. We asked him about the motivation throughout his young life to speak up about vaccines and how he thinks other young people can be involved.

Please note: this episode is appropriate for all ages. Invite the young people in your life to listen along with you, and ask them what they think they can do to encourage immunization in their communities!

Looking for real action to take in your own communities? In this episode we discuss buying and donating copies of Ethan’s book to your local school libraries. If you do so, be sure to post photo proof on social media with the hashtag #IamTheHerd so that Ethan sees it!

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