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Lately, I have noticed how anti-vaccine activists are using the law to shape how we are all talking about vaccines. Sometimes they file lawsuits, sometimes they fight legislation, and sometimes they claim malfeasance in past legal battles.

On this last point, we have a recent claim by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an environmental lawyer by training, that the government fraudulently suppressed the testimony of an expert during the 2007 Autism Omnibus proceedings. In order to understand what he is saying and why it is wrong, we have to make sense of Vaccine Court, a case about mitochondrial disorders, the entire Omnibus proceedings, and the twelve years since then.

It sounds like a big task, but no task is too big for our guest, Dorit Reiss. Dorit is a law professor at the U.C. Hastings school of law and a nationally-recognized expert in the intersection of vaccines and the law. She breaks down the whole non-troversey for us, and for you, too.

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