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As a high school senior, I made my first phone call to a doctor to schedule an appointment when I was sick. I only did so because my mother suggested I was old enough to use a phone and to maintain my own schedule, but I believe my mother still brought me to the clinic because I had no idea about insurance or forms or anything else.

When I heard that Ethan Lindenberger, who had been an unvaccinated child, went to the doctor on his own to be vaccinated, I was more than impressed. It’s a huge step for a teenager to learn to take control of their own health, and one all parents aim for.

But to then go in front of a U.S. Senate committee and testify about his experiences? I knew we had to talk to him. I have never been more impressed by a vaccine advocate than I was with Ethan Lindenberger. I think we all have much to learn from him about advocacy and being a person, in general.

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