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Recent measles outbreaks have highlighted to parents of young children how important high immunization rates in their neighborhoods and social circles are. Some parents still feel uncertain about checking up on the vaccination status of their children’s playmates, and parents with babies too young to be immunized worry about relying on others to protect them.

And while playgroups are an important social outlet for young children and their parents, some parents are skipping these play times in order to keep preventable disease at bay.

Let’s organize some playgroups that lessen the risk of spreading measles and other preventable illnesses.

Voices for Vaccines is asking for parents across the country to step up and help us organize these playgroups. We would like to publish your contact information on our Playgroup Map so that other pro-vaccine parents can find you and get together for some social play time. Where, when, and how often you meet is up to you and those who contact you.

If you would like to be a playgroup leader, please email us at [email protected]. You might also like to check our map–there may already be a playgroup near you!



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