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As our need for greater access to vaccines increases, immunizing partners such as pharmacists become more important. So it is particularly exciting that univeristy pharmacy programs are taking the job of educating our future pharmacists about vaccines seriously. After all, giving a vaccine is about more than just knowing how to administer an injection. Pharmacists are on the front lines of vaccine advocacy, and they also need to know how to answer patient questions and to anticipate patient concerns.

Dr. Jeffrey Bratberg at University of Rhode Island Pharmacy School gave his students a valuable opportunity when he asked groups of them to make videos that help promote good information about vaccines. The Voices for Vaccines Parent Advisory Board had the privilege of previewing these videos and giving parent-centered feedback to the students. And Voices for Vaccines is thrilled to be able to present these videos on our YouTube channel.

The Parent Advisory Board chose their favorite video:

Please help us share these videos and thank a pharmacist for increasing access to vaccines today!


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