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Kimberly Coffey was 17 years old and days away from high school graduation when she caught what she thought was a case of flu. Days later, her family was saying good-bye.

Many families would keep this story to themselves, but Kimberly’s mother, Patti Wukovits, knew that she could do something to stop bacterial meningitis from taking other lives. In response, Patti started the Kimberly Coffey Foundation to educate and to advocate about meningococcal disease.

Tweens and teens need vaccines to protect against HPV and tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis as well as meningococcal disease, but the schedule is confusing and parents (and their children) are often very busy. Join our discussion about all of these topics by listening to our podcast. We promise that Kimberly’s story is one you will long remember, and we ask you to remember Kimberly by sharing her story with others.

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