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Crossing the threshold into adulthood is marked by rites of passage: graduations, first jobs, and lowered vaccine uptake. Perhaps getting fewer vaccines isn’t a rite of passage, but ignoring vaccines as a hallmark of preventive health seems to be ubiquitous among adults who adhere gladly to well-child checks and immunization schedules for their children.

Just as they do for children, vaccines for adults make a big difference to the individual and to the community. What can we do to increase vaccine uptake among adults? First, we have to define the problem and to educate the public about their immunization needs.

Nathan and Karen turned to Vanderbilt Medical School infectious disease expert, Dr. William Schaffner, to get real answers and the latest news when it comes to adult immunizations. dr. Schaffner helped us understand the landscape of adult immunization, including which vaccines you need, and gave us a sneak peak into the future of vaccines for grown-ups.

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