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It is National Infant Immunization Week, and that means we are talking vaccines in infancy. In particular, we are encouraging people who are expecting babies and their loves ones to discuss the benefits of immunizing on-time!

When I say we are talking vaccines, I mean we are talking about vaccines everywhere!

First, Nathan and I were guests on Jeanne Faulkner‘s Common Sense Pregnancy (Episode 116). Jeanne is a nurse with a background in pregnancy, childbirth, and global health. Our conversation spanned many myths about vaccines and why it is important to make sure babies are getting vaccinated. Please check out this podcast!

Next, we were guests on the fabulous new podcast, Parenthetical Science with Natalie Newell and Dr. Chad Hayes. Of course, these two were previously guests on our podcast, and we were more than happy to talk vaccines and NIIW with them on theirs. Nathan calls it the Most Ambitious Crossover Ever (Infinity War be danged).

Even after all that talking about NIIW, we wanted to do our own NIIW podcast for Vax Talk! We invited Vaccinate Your Family’s Amy Pisani to chat with us about the history of vaccine advocacy, including issues around education and access. We also discussed the future of advocacy, including the attempts to counter disinformation about immunization.

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