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We're raising $10,000 in June

You do a lot for Voices for Vaccines, whether you are reading our newsletters, taking our free online course, submitting your photos, coming to our Vax Ambassador trainings, or volunteering in your community.

We love this about you. We need more advocates like you. That’s why we are asking you to help us raise $10,000 by the end of June.

If everyone we emailed gave us $2, we would have our $10,000! But we all know that’s not possible, so we need you to get out the word about donating to Voices for Vaccines.

We have made it easy! Just go to this link, personalize the template we made for you, and send it out to your friends and colleagues. If we get 0.05% of our dear readers to follow through on clicking this link, we will be all set in no time!

What $10,000 will do

We hear you saying, “It’s neat that you want to raise a bunch of money, but what would you do with all that money?” We want to level up. That’s what we want to do.

Leveling up means:

  • Reaching more communities by providing more support to more coalitions and Vax Ambassadors
  • Doing important in-person events to build vaccine confidence
  • Creating a SECOND free online course to train people in effective advocacy
  • Creating and hosting a Spanish-language podcast
  • And so much more!

Yes! $10,000 can do all of that!

No time or friends for fundraising?

No problem! We know June can be a tough month to do stuff, so if you cannot start a fundraiser now, you can always be a donor! Consider making your donation a monthly donation!

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