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2023 was the Year of the Vaccine Enthusiast!

The world might have decided that COVID is over and vaccines are not cool. Not us.

We have seen your love for vaccination grow, so we have declared 2023 the Year of the Vaccine Enthusiast! Way to go!

Read what we have accomplished together, and then show us your enthusiasm by becoming a donor!

Inside communities

When people think of VFV, they think of our cool online work, such as our newsletter or our free online course. But we’ve also been working with coalition partners to do some cool, local activities:

  • A special screening of the film Shot in the Arm in Des Moines, Iowa
  • Community baby showers and health fairs in Kansas
  • Vaccine representation at the University of South Dakota IdeaFest
  • and many more

Personal outreach

The crux of this community action is based on fostering trust through empathy and learning between people. This year, we have made our vaccine advocacy personal through:

  • Continued training of over 1000 Vax Ambassadors who are set to go into their communities and foster vaccine confidence
  • Two to three new stories each month on our blog that put a face to Vaccine Preventable Diseases, medical vulnerabilities, or overcoming hesitancy
  • Our work with partners like Devin Burghart to keep you all updated on the latest trends

New horizons

We still have so much work to do! Children are behind on routine vaccines, the world is on the verge of significant disease outbreaks, and new vaccines are on the horizon.

We are ready to take on these challenges–with your help. Let’s roll up our sleeves to do the work together. Our donors empower us to:

  • Create our next online course on being a vaccine advocate
  • Bring personalized interventions to leaders in rural communities
  • Publish our next top-secret podcast
  • Respond to the unexpected, which is usually a disease or an outbreak
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