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Keeping communities free from vaccine-preventable disease is teamwork. As it turns out, advocating for on-time immunization is also team work.

Over the past few years, Voices for Vaccines has worked hard on assembling our team. Part of the team is the larger network of vaccine advocacy organizations that have mentored us and collaborated with us in advocacy. Another part of our team includes people never before included in advocacy–everyday parents.

We have been able to assemble parents through playgroups, local teams of advocates, and social media groups. We have been able to help parents do work in their own communities through our blog posts and our toolkits. And, new this year, we have worked together with many people to start conversations using our Why I Choose gallery and our Vax Talk podcast.

We do a lot behind the scenes, too–from talking to individual parents with vaccine concerns to reaching out to journalists to make sure their reporting is science-based.

Everything we do is made possible by many people who have donated to us. To date, all donations made to us have been made from individuals, not government or corporate grants. And that’s why we are turning to you and asking you to pitch in, to donate, and to become an important member of our team. Already, in the month of June, we have received some generous donations, a few commitments to become recurring donors, and funds dedicated to Voices for Vaccines from a GoFundMe advocacy campaign.

With your contributions, we can do more work together to combat vaccine hesitancy and vaccine-preventable diseases.

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