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You know the scenario. You are sitting at your new playgroup with your toddler talking to a mom you have just met when the discussion somehow turns to vaccines. You assume that since almost everyone vaccinates their children, this mom does, too. But you are wrong, and she starts saying the anti-vaccine things you have only read online–toxins, damage, natural immunity, etc.

You want to go back to the playgroup because you like talking to other parents and because you want to give your child more opportunities to play with other children. You intend to go back, but maybe you hear of pertussis and measles outbreaks, and you hesitate since you have a new baby on the way. Or you worry about a family member on immunosuppressants. Or you just don’t want to have another back-and-forth about vaccines since there is no scientific disagreement about the overall safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

Snow playWhat if you could attend a playgroup and be confident that all children who could be vaccinated were? What if the discussion about vaccines in this playgroup was not about whether or if but how to raise immunization rates in your community? What if children who were medically fragile could join you because they knew that you vaccinate your children to protect yours as well as theirs? Why not start a playgroup around these shared community values?

Fortunately, Voices for Vaccines has found a number of volunteers to coordinate these playgroups. Check out our map to see if there is a playgroup in your area. (And if there isn’t a playgroup, please contact us to volunteer as the coordinator in your area.)

These pro-vaccine playgroups eliminate debate about vaccines while protecting the very youngest and most vulnerable among us. Children with medical contraindications are welcome, and the focus of the groups will be play.

After all, if you are going to play, isn’t it best to play safe?

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