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People are already organized.  They are fired up and want to be heard.  They have put their names behind organizations, promoted these organizations to their friends and neighbors, and generously donated their money in order to grow these organizations and make their position about vaccines known.

Unfortunately, these people are against vaccines.

We’re behind because we’ve been complacent.  We’ve allowed public health officials to shoulder the responsibility for educating the public about the need for vaccines.  Because of our lack of involvement, whenever the media or our lawmakers need a parent to discuss immunizations, the most readily available voice is the anti-vaccine voice.

Anti-vaccine voices reach out to the media. Their voices shape perceptions about vaccines and shape our laws. They affect the health of our communities as fewer parents vaccinate and more outbreaks make their way into our neighborhoods. But it need not be this way.

It’s time to fight back.  Let’s make our voices heard.

We founded Voices for Vaccines to do just that: to give a voice to concerned people like you.  We are constantly developing the tools our members need to speak for immunization.  Our toolkits, newsletters, and social media outreach all exist to inform you and give you what you need to speak up for vaccines.  But developing and creating these resources is time-intensive and not at all free.

30K by the end of May

Today, Voices for Vaccines is launching its first fundraising campaign.  In order to provide you with the tools for advocacy, we need your support.  With your help, we will raise $30,000 by the end of May 2013.

This $30,000 will help us–and you–combat the claims of the anti-vaccine movement so that the truth and science behind vaccines is told.  Your donations mean we can host conference calls with members, reach the media, and create tool kits and other educational materials that our members can use to combat the anti-vaccine misinformation campaign.  And if every single one of our members contributed $10 today and asked a friend to donate $10, we would exceed our goal.  

You can help us reach this goal.  We need you to do three simple things:

Let’s get started.

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