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If you are on Facebook or Twitter in the next month, you might notice measles, influenza, mumps, and polio cropping up on profile pictures and cover photos. Fortunately, these diseases are pictorial only and aren’t infectious.

But they are spreading a good cause.

Friends of Voices for Vaccines are changing these Twitter or Facebook pictures to various infectious diseases to help raise money to support VFV. They have each set their own fundraising goal, and will keep their social media channels infected until enough people donate money to reach those goals. You can choose your favorite social media channel and donate in their name here.

What does Voices for Vaccines do with these donations? We use them to spread the word about the importance of immunization in communities like Ithaca. We create new toolkits that make it easier for people to advocate for higher vaccination rates in their communities. We use your donations for our platforms–our blog and our Why I Choose gallery–that show immunizations are the majority, default choice. We use them to host conference calls that invite everyone to the table to discuss vaccines. Your donations help us make partnerships in a hundred of small ways every day that increase vaccine confidence and, in turn, immunization rates. We are thankful to our social media friends and to you for donating to us in their name.

Help us thank them by following their social media channels:

If you would like your social media channel infected, too, contact VFV at [email protected].

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