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Ep. 73: A Shot in the Arm

The pandemic caused a lot of pain, from the loss of lives to COVID itself to the burnout and moral injury of people working on…

Anyone Can Get Long COVID

I was the epitome of low risk. Then a COVID infection then left me, and millions like me, disabled.

Ep. 72: Vaccine Communication Breakdown

In this episode, we break down vaccine communication, from the days of "Let the Science Speak for Itself" to the political partisanship of the pandemic.…

Ep. 70: Dr. Howard Fights the Forces That Want to Infect You

Dr. Jonathan Howard's new book, We Want Them Infected, traces this ill-begotten quest and the inevitable pseudoscience that followed. Listen in to our conversation with him!
Strong arm with a bandage

Ep. 68: Vaccines Year in Review

At the end of 2021, everyone may have thought that had been the Year of the Vaccine, but 2022 came along and said, "Hold my…

Ep. 67: Vaccine Sundays and Equity

Because vaccines work better when we are all vaccinated, vaccine equity isn't about justice alone. It is also crucial to public health. Enter Julissa Soto,…

What COVID Took from My Community

A loss of life often means a loss of culture. We have to be role models for the health of our communities.

Ep. 66: The Future of mRNA Vaccines

In many ways, mRNA vaccines are a game-changer, but not an unexpected one. For this episode, we talked to one of the scientists who has…

Why I Got Vaccinated

I got vaccinated against COVID, HPV, measles, meningitis, flu, and other deadly diseases, because I believe in the science of vaccines to protect myself and reduce the chance of spreading to others.
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