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Ep. 73: A Shot in the Arm

The pandemic caused a lot of pain, from the loss of lives to COVID itself to the burnout and moral injury of people working on…

Fear and the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Flooded with guilt and fear, I vowed to never vaccinate myself or my family ever again. That's how the anti-vaccine movement hooks you in.

Leaving Denialism Behind: My 20 Year Journey

I was anti-vaccine before it went mainstream. Before COVID, before Wakefield, and before even the internet.

I Wish There Were an RSV Vaccine

I thought my baby just had a cold. Within a matter of hours she was in the PICU because of this virus.

How Misinfo Hospitalized My Toddler

Rumors from other parents convinced me not to vaccinate my son. I found out the truth when he landed in the hospital.

Right On Time

With my first child, I chose to delay and selectively vaccinate. I considered myself reasonably well-informed, and saw this as a way to mitigate perceived…

Ep. 35: What do you do with a vaccine hesitant parent?

When the good folks at WithinReach in Washington state invited us to come talk at their immunization summit, we were more than thrilled. Recording a…

Starting Ideas About Vaccines!

We love that our members are active podcast listeners, too. The purpose of the Vax Talk podcast is to start conversations that engage regular (read…

Birth of the Vaccine Mom

With the birth of my daughter came the mom’s group—a place where first-time mothers can go in sweatpants, baby in tow, and not feel guilty…

Being the Odd Mom Out in a Low Vax Community

As my child turns two this year, I’m looking back at some of the earlier memories I have of motherhood. During pregnancy, I recall one…

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