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Ep. 70: Dr. Howard Fights the Forces That Want to Infect You

At the pandemic's beginning, small bands of scientists and doctors devised a plan: what if we got young people sick on purpose? What could possibly…

The inside of a big, ornate church with stained glass windows and very high ceilings.

HPV and Purity Culture

Purity culture infiltrates even the most sanitized spaces—including our doctor’s offices. It puts the maintenance of sexual purity over an individual’s health.
Family selfie the weekend Randy came home from Texas to visit.

Why My Daughters Got the HPV Vaccine

After what it put our family through, I had to make sure my daughters were protected.
Bunny Kennedy with her dog

My Cancer Journey, Your Vaccine

Yesterday’s devastating cancer can now be prevented with a simple shot. I wish I had the choice that you do.

Information about HPV

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a viral infection that can cause six types of cancer. Learn about HPV and the vaccine that prevents it.

HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention

A couple of years ago I was waiting in a clinic to see my physician for a normal well check.  When a nurse I had…

Anal Cancer Awareness and HPV

Editor's Note: March 21, 2020 is Anal Cancer Awareness Month. HPV causes a majority (91%) of anal cancers and is preventable through vaccination. Thank you…

Ep. 38: Listen Up! HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention

What happens when you bring to HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention champions together? A great conversation about how to encourage parents to start and complete…

Monogamy is No Failsafe: HPV and Cervical Cancer

Editor's note: This post deals with sexual matters, including non-consensual sexual assault and may not be suited for all audiences. I will always advocate for…

Updates Galore from ACIP and D.C.

The past few weeks have been active in the vaccine advocacy world--and in the anti-vaccine activist movement. Normal things, such as the ACIP (Advisory Committee…

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