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What It’s Like to Get Chickenpox as an Adult

What I thought was the flu turned into two weeks of misery, and a new collection of scars that refuse to fade.

The Big Deal About Chickenpox

Chickenpox was almost a rite of passage when I grew up. My perspective changed when I starting working as a triage nurse in a children's hospital.

Even in a Pandemic, We Cannot Forget the Importance of Routine Immunization

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re focused on this one, novel infection. It’s almost as if time has stopped and we’ve forgotten about…

We Lived the Worst-Case Scenario: Scott’s Chickenpox Story

I want people to learn from our mistakes. Don't bury your loved ones from a disease you can easily prevent. One of those lives lost was my husband.

Lasting Scars from Chickenpox

It all began on a warm afternoon in May of 1996. My 6-year-old daughter was swinging on her swing set when she suddenly stopped and,…

How Effective Are Childhood Vaccines?

Modern vaccines are very effective. But nothing is 100% effective. As people know, children can – sadly – be harmed in a car accident even…

How My Four-Year-Old Became Pro-Vaccine

It was 1998, and the chickenpox vaccine was just coming out. At that time–the chickenpox vaccine became available in 1995—my daughter was four and completely…

I Vaccinate My Kids Because I Wish My Parents Had Vaccinated Me

My name is Grace. I was raised in a cult. There are a lot of things wrong with being raised in a cult— religious brainwashing,…

Not Just a Harmless Childhood Disease

When I was a child, chickenpox was a very common disease. Most children got it, and it didn't seem like a big deal to me.…

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