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Man giving a small child oral polio drops

A Polio Epidemiologist on the Anti-Vaccine Movement

If the people who oppose all vaccines got what they wanted, it would be disastrous where I work.

Anyone Can Get Long COVID

I was the epitome of low risk. Then a COVID infection then left me, and millions like me, disabled.

Ep. 72: Vaccine Communication Breakdown

In this episode, we break down vaccine communication, from the days of "Let the Science Speak for Itself" to the political partisanship of the pandemic.…

Silhouetted man in front of sunset and mountains.

Ep. 71: The Real Truth About Vaccines

Lately, Twitter has become a cesspool of the worst humans spreading the worst misinformation. Except for one bright spot: The Real Truther. We invited The…

I Won’t Forget Last RSV Season

We expected our pandemic baby to get sick eventually, but we did not expect what RSV would do.

Ep. 65: Dr. Offit’s Take on Aluminum

A new study seems to connect childhood vaccines to asthma. Or does it? We invited our friend and hero, Dr. Paul Offit, to the show…

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