February 2013

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  • Dovie, Ivy, and Pansy: Three Sisters, One Disease


    I’m sure many mothers can relate when I say that family is my world. My extended family tells me where I came from. My parents helped shape who I am today. My sister was my first friend. My husband is my teammate. My children are my legacy. Family is one thing I will never tire […]

  • Learning from the Past: Gae’s Story


    I am a sixty-nine year old Australian, which means that I benefited from a totally free childhood immunization program.  I started school in 1949 and was convinced that it was somehow normal for every school to have at least one, and sometimes more than one, child wearing calipers as a result of polio. And those were […]

  • Remembering Nicholas


    “Are any of them twins?” And there it is again.  It’s not an unreasonable question with so many children so closely spaced together, but every time it comes up I have to pause and loosen the lump in my throat, smile and say that no, none of the children standing with me are twins.  One […]

  • From Anti-Vax to Pro-Vax


    When my oldest child was born in 2005, we faithfully followed the immunization schedule, knowing nothing of the controversy until a several months later, when I discovered internet forums. I have always been into natural health and foods, so when I first learned about all of the scary-sounding ingredients in vaccines, I was alarmed. And […]