April 2013

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  • Vaccines are Natural


    I like cooking from scratch. I use the odd packet or sauce or store-bought stock, but mostly the food I make is as natural or close to its original form as is practical.  I don’t mill my own flour or crush my own peanut butter, but I do make my own béchamel sauce, and I crumble […]

  • Geography and Protection


    To be honest, I had never given childhood immunization a second thought. I have always believed in the science of vaccines and immunology. There wasn’t much of an anti-vaccine movement when my first daughter was born. I didn’t know a lot about vaccines, so I relied on my doctor’s expertise. In April of 2005, my second daughter, Piper, […]

  • An Unwelcome Visitor


    Our household has many family and friends come through our door. Last month we had  an unwelcome visitor. Pertussis/whooping cough got through what I thought was a safe  and secure home.  My Grandbaby June and I ended up with whooping cough. How does this happen?   This along with other “childhood” diseases was something I thought […]

  • Proud to be Part of the Herd


    I was a scientist long before I became a mother. My interest began when I was a young girl roaming the forests with my father, and was fueled by high school biology classes. I went on to study biology and chemistry in college. By the time I gave birth to my first child, I knew […]