April 2014

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  • Invisible Threat: Roxy and Ethan’s Story


     Invisible Threat is an eye-opening 40-minute documentary produced by California high school students that explores the science of vaccination and how fears and misperceptions have led some parents to make dangerous decisions.   In recognition of the national launch on May 1 of the Invisible Threat movement, we are participating in a blog relay to raise awareness of this important issue.  […]

  • Time in a Bottle: Protecting Kids against Pneumococcal Disease


    In many ways, 1974 was the good old days. Jim Croce was saving time in a bottle and Connect Four sat under almost every Christmas tree. The speed limit was reduced to 55 mph, which was a good thing for me, because my primary seat belt was Mom’s arm. And parents weren’t subjected to Internet […]

  • Colton’s Battle


    “To each their own.” That was always my mindset regarding vaccinations. I have always vaccinated my children, but I figured it was no harm to me if you chose not to vaccinate yourself or your children. However, that mindset quickly changed this winter.  My fifteen-week-old son, Colton, developed a bit of a cough.  At first […]