May 2014

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  • I’m a Crunchy, Libertarian Pro-vaxxer

    I might be the last person you’d expect to be pro-vaccine. I might also be the first person you’d expect to be called a “hippie.” I like midwives, extended breastfeeding, alternative schooling, wholesome foods, homemade cloth diapers, cleaning with baking soda & vinegar, cooperative living, home remedies, not trusting the government, reusing secondhand things, do-it-yourself-ing…and […]

  • The Vaccine Mom on the Power of Information

    When my daughter was born in January of 2013, I looked down at her and promised that I’d never let anything bad happen to her. Of course, I couldn’t really promise that. But, what I could do is try my best to do everything in my power to protect her from harm. She is the biggest driving force, […]

  • Vaccinate to Protect Your Child and Julia, too

    When I had little babies I was involved in many different parent/mothering groups, including a baby-wearing group and nursing mother’s group. A few of these groups were popular with mothers who chose not to vaccinate their children. I vaccinated my children and tended to keep my opinion to myself—I figured it was that their decision […]