March 2013

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  • Protecting Jude

    Jude looked up at me with an expression of incredulous shock. She was being hurt and I was standing there doing nothing about it! At two months old, she couldn’t know how thrilled I was that she was receiving her first round of vaccines. Of course, I wasn’t happy to see her little face scrunch […]

  • Let’s Get Started

    People are already organized.  They are fired up and want to be heard.  They have put their names behind organizations, promoted these organizations to their friends and neighbors, and generously donated their money in order to grow these organizations and make their position about vaccines known. Unfortunately, these people are against vaccines. We’re behind because […]

  • Remembering Evan

    I have always been a mom who vaccinated her children. To me, it’s only natural: if you have children, you want to protect them. And vaccines save lives. Unfortunately, my son died of a vaccine-preventable disease because I didn’t know that there was  a vaccine for meningococcal meningitis, when my son was a college junior, […]

  • A Visceral, Overwhelming Empathy

    I remember the day I miscarried. I remember reluctantly accepting that the last shred of hope for the pregnancy was gone. I remember being in awe of how I could feel such a loss for a child whom I didn’t even know existed until it was all but certain that I was going to lose […]