June 2013

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  • Advocating for Benjamin


    It might seem like a simple thing to most people. You bring your child to the pediatrician, he or she say it’s time to get your child’s scheduled shots. You get those vaccines and leave. To me, that is what was always done. That is just what we did. I have three children. My daughters […]

  • Introducing the Parent Advisory Board


    Voices for Vaccines is a pro-vaccine organization unlike most others because it is parent-driven.  We pride ourselves in helping the parent voice be heard, whether that parent works in healthcare or in a completely unrelated field.  Our parent-members all agree that immunization protects their children and their communities, and they insist that advocating for full, […]

  • Why I’m Telling my Vaccine Story, Pt. II


    A recent study in Pediatrics looked at the rates of religious exemptions for immunization in New York state, and then looked at pertussis (whooping cough) rates across the state. Pertussis, or whooping cough, is the bacterial respiratory infection that causes severe coughing for weeks or months and can kill vulnerable individuals, primarily young babies. Religious exemptions are […]

  • Why I’m Telling my Vaccine Story, Pt. I


    I did not give my son the hepatitis B shot when he was born. I was still uncertain and had not done enough research to feel comfortable with the shot. (Today, however, if/when I have more children, I will have them get the hep B shot at birth.) Yet for the next two months, I […]

  • The Consequences of Refusing Vaccines


    I think about children and vaccines more than the average person.  I’m an emergency medicine physician, and a parent’s decision to vaccinate his or her child affects my job every single shift. Children get fevers frequently.  Current research suggests that the average child not in daycare will have between 6-8 fevers per year between the […]